List of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah characters

Main characters

Mehta family

This is the family of main protagonist Taarak Mehta and Anjali Taarak Mehta.

Taarak Mehta played by Shailesh Lodha, is a writer by profession. He writes a humor column for a weekly magazine and is well known and respected in the world of literature. He is also the narrator of the show who introduces all the characters to the viewers. He considers himself very intelligent and can have endless discussions on all topics, which irritates his wife. He is very fond of giving advice and often is found solving Jethalal’s problems. Jethalal completely trusts him and finds a philosopher and best friend in him. Taarak Mehta is completely fascinated by this Gujarati businessman. He is often annoyed by his wife, Anjali Mehta because of her diet food – tasteless salads, boiled vegetables and soups.

Anjali Tarak Mehta played by Neha Mehta, is a young, sophisticated and modern woman. She is adietitian by profession and keeps a thorough check on her husband's diet as well.

Koyal, sister of Anjali Mehta, studies journalism. Popatlal falls in love with her when she comes on the eve of Raksha Bandhan. However, she made fun of him and rejected his proposal on their engagement day. She is a very talkative and fun-loving person.

Gada family

This is the Kutchi family consisting of Jethalal Champaklal Gada, Daya Jethalal Gada, Tipendra "Tapu" Gada, Champaklal Jayantilal Gada, and Sundar, Daya's brother.

Jethalal Champaklal Gada played by Dilip Joshi, is an uneducated Gujarati businessman who is a god fearing, family loving man. He runs an electronic store "Gada Electronics". He is a smart businessman who knows how to make money. Jethalal keeps facing problems created by his innocent wife Daya, notorious brother-in-law Sundar and mischievous son Tapu. He has an innocent crush on his neighbor Iyer’s wife Babita. He considers his wife Daya a nuisance and often calls her "nonsense" "dhobi", even though he loves her a lot. He always tries to find a reason to talk to Babita, as she is extraordinarily pretty.

Daya Jethalal Gada played by Disha Vakani, is an innocent uneducated housewife. Her family is the center of her world. She loves her husband a lot and is very respectful towards her father-in-law. Her stupidity makes life difficult for Jethalal. She is very proud of her son Tapu and her brother Sundar. Champaklal (her father-in-law) is a rescuer for her who shields her from Jethalal’s anger whenever she creates trouble. Her over caring and playful attitude towards Jethalal, often creates embarrassing situations for him. Whenever there is trouble, she exclaims "Hey Maa Mataji" with her both hands held on her head. She never calls her husband by name, instead she always refers to him as "Tapu Ke Papa" (translated: Tapu's father). She is termed as "Garba Queen" by the society members, as she can do it anywhere, anytime in any situation.

Tapu Jethalal Gada played by Bhavya Gandhi, is Jethalal’s 12-year-old son – a very sweet, innocent, smart-yet-very-naughty, mischievous and hyper active kid. The kids have formed a group called "Tapu Sena" of which he is the leader. He is very attached to his grandfather Champaklal and respects his parents a lot. "Tapu Sena" is always active in solving problems of the society and taking new initiatives.

Champaklal Jayantilal Gada (aged 62) played by Amit Bhatt (who actually is in his early 30's), Jethalal's father, is an old wise man. He has a very loving personality. He treats his daughter-in-law Daya as his own daughter and loves Tapu very much. He gets very angry if Jethalal ever scolds Daya or Tapu. But he never ignores any bad habits or problem creating acts by Tapu and always teaches him the right things. He shares a love-hate relationship with his son Jethalal. He often calls his son Jethalal "Babuchak" (idiot). He had a business of selling radio receivers in his village Bhachau, in his younger days.

Sundar (a.k.a. Sundarlal) played by Mayur Vakani (who actually is the elder brother of Disha Vakani[Daya] in real life), is the only brother of Daya. He is a very irritating person to Jethalal and always tries to rip-off Jethalal's pocket and avoids spending his own money. Jethalal often calls him "Sundar dhokebaz" (fraud). He is loved by his sister and nephew Tapu and is also cared about by people living in the society. The women in the society consider Sundar as their brother. Jethalal has saved his contact by the name of "panoti" (catastrophe) in his mobile phone.

Tina, She had starred only in a few episodes in December 2008, as Tapu's child wife in Jethalal's dreams. Her father is an underworld don. Jethalal brings her home in a grand way. But she is very demanding and is disturbed by Jethalal's snores. So, Champaklal forces Jetha to sleep in the Hall. She also demands chickoo jam for breakfast and because of her, there is a big fight between daya and other society members.

Bhide family

It is a Maharashtrian family, consisting of Aatmaram Thukaram Bhide, Madhavi Bhide and Sonu Bhide. Aatmaram cares a lot about the society being the secretary of Gokuldham Society.

Aatmaram Thukaram Bhide played by Mandar Chandwadkar, is a teacher by profession and runs a coaching class in his apartment. He is a man of principles and always refers to his younger days as an example to everyone. He is shown as a miser, who always thinks twice before spending money. He proudly introduces himself as the "Ekmev (one and only) Secretary of Gokuldham society". He has a constant problem with Tapu and his "Tapu Sena". His daughter Sonu is a member of the Tapu Sena and Bhide has a hard time facing Tapu Sena and their mischief. He often expresses good thoughts by writing them beside the society office in the compound. Bhide has a love-hate relationship with Jethalal. They never leave a chance to make fun of each other. Champaklal Gada calls Bhide as "bhindi master".

Madhavi Bhide played by Sonalika Joshi, is a sweet lady who does a small home-business of "pickle and papad". She involves her husband Bhide also, in the business. She is a good hearted person although she often gets annoyed by Bhide's extraordinary budget plans. She is very fond of Tapu and she always wears sleeveless blouses.

Sonu Bhide played by Jheel Mehta, is the only daughter to them. She is a very sweet child, well mannered and cultured. She is an intelligent girl, very systematic and often tops in her class. She is an active member of "Tapu sena".

Iyer family

Consisting of Krishnan Subramaniam Iyer and Babita Iyer. Iyer belongs to Tamil Nadu, while Babita belongs to Kolkata.

Krishnan Subramaniam Iyer played by Tanuj Mahashabde, is a scientist and is not very involved in the society on a daily basis. His biggest irritation is the harmless flirting of Jethalal with Babita. His dark complexion and Babita’s milky white complexion creates an intriguing pair for the society, and the most disappointed is Jethalal.

Babita Iyer played by Moonmoon Dutta, is the beautiful and modern wife of scientist Iyer. She has a very contrasting pair with her husband Iyer. She is a figure conscious lady. Babita is very friendly to everyone in the society and never frowns at Jethalal even when she knows that he has crush on her. She constantly refers to him as "jetha ji". Her husband, Iyer is constantly at loggerheads with Jethalal.

Sodhi family

They are a Punjabi-Parsi family. Consisting of Roshan Singh Sodhi, his wife Mrs. Roshan Sodhi and their son Gogi Sodhi.

Roshan Singh Sodhi played by Gurucharan Singh, is an ever enthusiast and hot blooded Sardar, who runs his own garage. Besides being an alcoholic, Mr. Sodhi is very short tempered and aggressive. But he is an equally sweet and loving family man who will do anything for his family and society. He is also one of the wealthiest in the society, but never shows off his ego and is very helpful, kind-hearted and always full of high spirits. He is a good friend of his next door neighbour, Aatmaram Bhide and calls him "bhidu" (nickname: close-friend). Sodhi always talks about parties, which he feels is one of the best opportunities to drink.

Mrs. Roshan Sodhi played by Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal, is a Parsi lady and eloped with Mr. Sodhi. She is the sweetheart of Sodhi and a very sweet and co-operative person. She has a big problem with her husband's drinking and often fights with him on this topic. She thinks of Daya as a sister and calls her "Dayaben".

Gogi Sodhi played by Samay Shah, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sodhi. He is a cute child and the youngest member of "Tapu Sena".

Hathi family

They are a family from Uttar Pradesh. Consisting of Dr. Hansraj Hathi, his wife Komal Hathi and their son Goli Hathi.

Dr. Hansraj Hathi played by Azad Kavi, is a doctor who is extraordinarily overweight, and is still very fond of eating. All the society's residents go to him for medication. Most of the time he uses the dialogue "sahi baat hai" (translated: that's right). But the funny part is, he keeps saying that to everyone even with conflicting views. Whenever he compares stuff, he uses food as his examples. He also travels regular to attend medical seminars throughout the country.

Komal Hathi played by Ambika Ranjankar, is Dr Hathi’s wife and is always worried about the over eating of her husband and her son. She keeps making things for them to eat and tries to prevent them from over-eating.

Goli played by Kush Shah, is on a fatter side like his father and is a member of Tapu's gang "Tapu Sena". He loves to eat and keeps his focus on food in all situations. Sometimes when his mother refuses to give more food, he goes into everyone's house in the society to eat. He often shows a mischievous attitude towards Jethalal.

Miscellaneous characters

"Patrakaar" Popatlal Pandey

Popatlal Pandey played by Shyam Pathak, is a "Patrakaar" (journalist) who was transferred from Bhopal to Mumbai, who came to live in the society later in the series. He is a bachelor and always carries an umbrellawith him. He is very thin, but always in mood to pick up fight with everyone. He repeatedly uses a dialogue "Main Duniya Hila Dunga" (translated: I have the power to shake the world.) and also he is pessimistic and finds no job worth wasting time on and hence says "Cancel kardo" (translated: Cancel this work) everytime any event is planned. He works for the (fictitious) newspaper "Toofan Express" (translated: Hurricane Express). Popatlal irritates everyone and that is why everyone ignores him. His father's name is Bhagwati Prasad Pandey and his mother's name is Durgadevi Pandey. He is always worried about his marriage since he is a "single" middle aged man. Patrakaar popatlal wants to get married as early as possible. Popatlal always dreams about his wedding. His most beloved possession is his umbrella and calls it his "Jeevan saathi" (translated: Life companion).


Abdul played by Sharad Sankla, has a small shop near the entrance of the society and is also a familiar figure in the society. In the evening, all the men of the society gather at Abdul's Shop to drink soda. He also is a member of Gokuldham Society. He is single, and mostly agrees with "Tapu Sena's" plans unlike their parents. He is the only Muslim member of the society and is very helpful towards other society members.

Nattu Kaka

Nattu Kaka played by Ghanashyam Nayak, is the manager of Jethalal's electronic store, which is called "Gada Electronics". His full name is Natvarlal Prabhashankar Udhaiwala, he is another sample in Jethalal’s life. He is a very talkative person and irritates Jethalal with his unfeasible plans to increase sales, most of the time he keeps requesting Jethalal to increase his salary, but to no avail. He often uses English words when talking to Jethalal, as to irritate him. Many times, he acts out of his own whims in the electronics shop and comes in conflict with Jethalal. Sometimes he is not able to hear properly. In the recent episode, it's shown that Nattu Kaka used to live in Udhai town of Gujarat state and used to work as a (cross-dressed) female actress in "Bhawai" (a form of traditional dance and drama in Gujarat state of India). His wife stays in Ahmedabad, while he works in Mumbai. That's why he has to go to Padmavati Bhojnaalay (भोजनालय-dining house) everyday to get his meals.


Bagha played by Tanmay Vekaria, is the nephew of Nattu Kaka. He is also very irritating to Jethalal, but he is very helpful to everyone. He has the best knowledge of cell-phone repairing and has also worked in "Gada Electronics" temporarily in absence of Nattu Kaka. Now-a-days, he brings orders for the shop and earns a commission from Jethalal. He is always ready to solve anybody's problem and respects Nattu Kaka very much.

Rita Reporter

Rita played by Nidhi, is a journalist of a news channel "Kal Tak" (parody to a Hindi News channel Aaj Tak). If there is any problem in the society, Rita reporter comes there and takes a report on it broadcasting it Live. She always harasses every one by reporting the society's problems Live on National Television. She resembles a typical media person and makes every small happening a Breaking News and always favours women empowerment. Always fights with Patrakar Popatlal over issue of Print media v/s Electronic media. In June 2011, the actress who portrayed the role of Rita (Priya Ahuja) was replaced by Nidhi.

"Matkaa-King" Mohanlal

He is the kingpin on illegal gambling activity, and hence referred as "Matka" king by other characters. Society members are feared by Mohanlal and there is nobody who can question him. But he himself does expenditure on festivals like Ganesh Chaturti, celebrated by everyone in the society.

Mr. Chandaramani

Mr. Chandaramani played by Raju kher, is a Sindhi businessman who has a flat in Gokuldham Society, but he lives in Singapore now. Some time ago, there was a huge quarrel between Jethalal and Roshan Sodhi on the issue of buying Chandaramani's flat, due to some misunderstanding.



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